New American Airlines Cole Hann Amenity Kit

As I have already written about in the past week or so, my flight back from London to Chicago was marked by a surprise free upgrade to business class. Along with the seat, and the food, comes the amenity kits. Amenity kits are like the little souvenir I get to bring home with me from all of the premium class flight I get to take.

American Airlines recently switched over from their heritage amenity kits to new Cole Hann branded kits. For me, this was a mixed bag, I would have liked to collect the heritage kits, but the new Cole Hann kits looked very nice. Since I did get bumped to business class unexpectedly, I also got an amenity kit I wasn't expecting too. The Cole Hann kits are going to be released in a number of colors. Each quarter or so colors will be rotated out and a new set of colors brought in. The advertised kit was in a beautiful bright teal color, I really was hoping for that kit. Alas, we received the red kit… luckily one of my favorite colors so I’m certainly not complaining about that.

As seems to be pretty standard with American long hauls, the kits are filled with some good stuff. Included in the kit are some socks, I do need to say to American Airlines that their socks aren’t great. I still use my socks from United, American socks are very thin and flimsy. The new pattern on the socks are much nicer than the pair I received in my heritage kit.

Also included are the standard eye shade for sleeping, headphone covers for the provided bose headphones in business class. Hygiene wise there is a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a small thing of mouthwash. Lastly are some tissues, pen, lip balm and lotion.

These kits also have a little card with a discount code on them. If you shop Cole Hann products, this may be a great thing for you, as the discount is $75 off any order of $250+. Personally I don’t buy anything from Cole Hann, but if you do, this is a pretty good deal.

Of course after everything is used up, we still have the bag the kit came in. These are the one thing I always keep and reused for storage of some sort, like a collectable from my trips. The Cole Hann bag is very nice. While the old heritage kits were great if you have a small tablet, I’ve moved away from my smaller tablet and really don’t have much use for more tablet pouches, so these new kits I find are more useful after the flight is over. These are well made and durable, great little kit.