What Airline to Fly Next?

This fall promises to bring a whole bunch of new airline experiences to myself and the website as well. My flights to Cape Town and Dubai promise to give me a taste of all new products, planes and airlines. All of this gets me quite excited as an awesome trip is sure to emerge from these flights.

With current flight plans, Virgin Atlantic’s old A340 business class will be a new product, airline and plane for me all in one. After a long layover, I’ll have the opportunity to try first class on British Airways 747-400, giving me a new class of service and airplane to try in this case. Leaving Africa puts me on Qatar Airways business class twice on a 787 and A330, giving me a new product and airline to try. One last first will be my return from Dubai to the US on board Emirate first class with a new airline and new product.

This whole trip will bring a lot of new firsts, lots of new reviews and lots of time in the air to enjoy. After all of this is said and done though, who is left to try out at that points. Well there are many, many, many more airlines to try, but there is one that sticks out in my mind. Etihad is another middle east carrier like Emirate, Qatar, and Oman. Etihad, like Emirates, operates out of the United Arab Emirates, but unlike Emirates, flies mainly out of Abu Dhabi.

While Emirates seems to get a lot of press from their first class product, Etihad not only gives them a run for their money, but might even one up them on the actual physical seat. Etihad is the first and only airline to offer a single aisle first class on their A380 aircraft. The reason why Etihad on has a single aisle in first class… their seats are called apartments, and for a really good reason.

Inside the Etihad apartment is a seat and a bed/bench…. And they aren’t the same part of the aircraft. Most airlines offer a lie flat seat, not Etihad, they have a seat and a whole separate bed. The whole area can be closed off with a high divider and door if you want privacy. It literally is like having your own mini suite on board an airplane.

When looking at the future, Etihad is probably the most exciting product I want to try… but there are some many other out there, it is likely to keep me busy for a long time to come.