Spirit Airlines Comes Dead Last

Spirit Airlines is well known for what they call  bare fares, or fares that include basically nothing. Do you want to bring carry on''s with you, not checked bags... well you've got to pay for those. Want water, yep that'll be a small fee. Even if you want to print your tickets at the airport, that too comes with a fee attached to it. Yet, people still fly with Spirit Airlines because they are cheap, and for some people that is all that matters. However, if you look into the details, Spirit Airlines often doesn't save any money over normal airlines once all of their heavy fees are levied against you.

This seemed to be a point that is hitting home with customers as new customer satisfaction surveys show that Spirit Airlines has once again come dead last in the United States. People find the seats to be uncomfortable and those fees. Fees are a big deal to new customers, who aren't expecting to be nickled and dimed for pretty much everything.

I might have the next big idea for Spirit, charge for oxygen use on board planes, get some good use out of those emergency oxygen masks and control the air flow to each passenger. Seems that his could be the next million dollar idea!

On a more serious note, Spirit Airlines did improve their customer satisfaction by the most out of all the airlines this year, but still came in last... that's an impressive level of bad, a 15% increase to last place. So, with bad customer satisfaction, a terrible customer loyalty program, and fees that will drain your bank account, it's a wonder this company makes a profit at all. Guess perception of good price goes a very long way.

The one thing I was able to get for free from Spirit was a photo of their plane for this article, I'm a little surprised that I wasn't charged for the use.