Travel Goals Update

Travel comes with headaches and it comes with wonder, no matter who you are, there is probably someplace you want to travel to and see. It could be two states over, or on the other side of the planet, but pretty much everyone likes to travel in their own way. For me, setting goals is what spurs me to travel more, take advantage of those awesome deals I might have passed up before, and find a way to fit all this in with my day to day life. In the end the payoff of seeing something new, exploring a new culture, and the putting a pin in a new city is the payoff.

After returning from Buenos Aires, where do I now stand with my travel goals?

First up, Buenos Aires put me in South America, one of the continents I had yet to visit. Personally, my up front goal is to visit all 7 continents, and my major travel this year reflects that. Visiting Argentina allowed me to check off South America on the list of continents I had yet to visit. Right now, my list of visited continents is at 5 with North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Grabbing Africa is the aim of my travel later this year to Cape Town. That will leave only Antarctica to figure out. Antarctica is more difficult that most since weather is a big factor in getting to and from the continent. I have some options here and plan to take advantage of them as soon as possible.

Award travel is the way to go on these big trips, but I have some pretty significant economy class travel coming up. What is the motivation behind those? Well that would be the next big goal for this year. Points and miles have become a way of life for me. I enjoy the challenge of building them, and elite status with different companies has become a big driver for me.

With US Airways and subsequently American Airlines, I quickly hit Gold status after a trip to Australia. Hitting this goal was great, and then I really started to focus on miles and points. This pushed me to pursue Platinum status for the 100% bonus miles that are offered. Achieving that last year, I just couldn’t help but see all of these flight deals and want to push for Executive Platinum this year.

In that vein, the next few months are filled with travel. March will bring a vacation trip to Hawaii, and business travel to Southern France. April is promising a flight to China as a EQM/Milage run, and I’m toying with a flight to Florida to visit a friend. May brings a flight to South Carolina for some personal business.

Travel has become a way of life for me now and deals become hard to pass up. Sometimes life is more important and I must pass on these deals, like the one to Tokyo right now from Chicago for about $450, it’s so tempting, but I know more are coming this year, and those will be great to take advantage of.

Keeping goals and setting thresholds to strive for is a way of life for me. Now back to achieving Executive Platinum Status.