An Unexpected Upgrade

Last week was another work week in France for me. My company has some rules on how to fly, along with some unwritten rules I've picked up in my travels over the last few years. Knowing how to route your flights with my company makes approval go quickly, though it doesn't always make for the most direct itinerary.

When I booked my flights back home, you would think that direct flights from London to Philadelphia would be ideal, and that was true. Unfortunately the need to connect out of Marseille does create some issues. Income flights on British Airways from MRS connect in London after American Airlines flights leave for Philadelphia, so I'd have to overnight in London. For me I'd love a night in London... except for the unwritten rule of, we don't allow overnights... so I learned a while ago to avoid this. That left the option of British Airways direct into Philadelphia, on a 787 in economy, not a bad deal, until I went to book and the price had jumped almost $1000. I had not been approved to spend so much money on the flight, not to mention an economy class ticket to Marseille for $2700 is crazy.

Luckily there was one remaining option, route from Marseille to London to Chicago and finally back to Philadelphia. This makes for a much longer trip, but does get you back in a single run without an overnight required. It also happens to rake in a fair bit of extra miles, and I'm all for that.

When I checked prior to departure, I saw that the plane was quite full. For me this juzt meant that the seat next to me would likely get filled, and this was to be expected. 

After the gate was opened, each passanger checks into the waiting area. Handing my boarding pass to the agent, she started messing around on the computer. Eventually she printed a new boarding pass for me and said, we changed your seat to 12G, offering no explanation. 

Now I choose my seats specifically so that I have maximum leg room for my long legs. When they said that my seat was changing, my gut reaction was frustration, but the seat number quickly stuck in my mind. Quickly I realized this was a business class seat and I did not argue with her. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth as the saying goes. So I juay accepted the new boarding pass and proceeded to the waiting area. 

A free upgrade to international business class, who can complain about that? Well since I had a wonderfully upgraded flight, you my dear readers get an unexpected review of the business class experience, epect it sometime this week.

While I don't know the reason for the upgrade, I believe that the flight was oversold in economy, so the elite status passangers were upgraded as needed to make room in economy. Either way, I won't complain about a free upgrade.