Should Domestic Carries Follow British Airways Example

Many domestic carriers have brough back snacks their economy class customers. We had all become so used to the crappy service, many people saw this as a minor but awesome change. The realization that oother airlines never did away withe them is a bit of an interesting topic. Crappy service sometimes becomes the way of things and it isnˋt noticed how bad it is unnnntil you fly with other carriers.

Case and point is my recent flights to and from Marseille on British Airways. These flights are only about 1.5 hours spent in the air, yet food is offered to all passangers. Of course this isnˋt a gourmet 4 course meal or anything, but it is a turkey sandwich forrr those meat eater out there and a couscous hummus salad for those of use who donˋt partake in the meat. Just remember that the salad is carried on the flight, though it wonˋt likely proactively be offered. If they donˋt offer it, just request a vegatarian option.

While these meals arenˋt huge, they are tasty, and for a short flight, it is much apreciated... especially after the severe lack of good options in France for a week... bread gets old after a while.  

While I find the first class experience on domestic carriers, the food in economy is soemplace where US carriers should follow the example of companies like British Airways.