New AAdvantage Award Chart

American Airlines recently planned some pretty major changes to their loyalty program. Starting this week, and currently in place is a pretty large devaluation in award miles. Many award prices have gone up, but how much depends on where you plan to travel to. In some cases, awards have decreased, though this is very few and far between. Most miles costs have gone way up, as much as 60% increase in some cases.

While this is never ideal, we adjust and adapt to the situation. Here are the new costs now that the changes are in place. 

If you see at the top of each list is a mention of the changes in South Pacific AAnytime miles. These were recently increased as well, so your flights to Austrailia and New Zealand will not cost more if using AAnytime miles. I would not suggest ever buying a ticket with AAnytime miles since they cost so much more than a miles saver fare does. AAnytime does allow more flexibility, but in many cases you could get multiple flights for the cost of an AAnytime flight.

There are certain circumstances that may require you to use those miles in this fashion, so just be aware that the change has occurred in this area as well. While all of these new milage prices aren't ideal, just be aware of them and adapt your flying to the new way of things, and we can all still fly the world for very little cost.