In The Air Again

fter returning from a beautiful vacation in Hawaii, I'm back in the air after only two days back home. Another trip to France this time in order to get some work done. I'll be over here for the next week before returning home for a few weeks.

While I'm waiting in London for my connecting flight on British Airways, I think this would be an excellent chance to do a quick overview of the vegetarian meal that was served on AA728 from PHL to LHR abord an A330-300. Philadelphia has proved to be a mixed city for vegetarian/vegan meal choices. In the past I've had some pretty bad attempts at meals aboard this very flight. How did this time compare though?

On the surface, it was similar to what normally comes out of the Philadelphia kitchens, the percieved notion of what vegans/vegetarians eat... a few vegetables with a mound of rice. While the choice was terrible, it was at least decently executed. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't eat this on the ground almost ever, but for an economy class meal, it was edible, maybe even boardering on fair.

The overall meal was very similar to meals in the past. A roll, a salad, veggies, rice, and fruit. The salad was nothing special, a standard economy class salad, but it had an interesting dressing. Included with the salad was a lemon vinagrette that I had actually never heard of before this. A little sweeter than I was expecting, but really it was quite good, I'd even think about using this on the ground.

The roll was standard bread, nothing to write home about.

For the main, was a boatload of rice, cooked with peas and peppers which gave the rice a little flavor and when properly seasoned, it was passable for a decent main. On top of the rice was a few piece of asparagus, a lemon slice, and slice of an artichoke heart that was marinated. Thinking back, this may have been the exact meal I've gotten out of Philly in February... still not great, but at least there wasn't cheese on my salad this time.

The pre landing snack, as has been the case lately, was just the standard meal that they told me was vegetarian, I didn't fall for it, quickly seeing the yogurt, this doesn't count as a vegetarian meal. This has been happening lately and it is a bit frustrating. Everyone on the plane has 2 meals, yet I have to refuse the second one because there was still no special meal at this point in the flight. Either offer the special meal or dont, please don't half ass it.

Overall, I really want to see American start to make a better effort here or change vendors out of Philly. There was no protein at all in this meal, and a little effort could make a great Indian inspired meal or some other type of great vegetarain based food, it really isn't very difficult, United proved that to me.