Get Your Shots

Before travelling, there are many things to remember to do. Do you have a passport? Hotels need to be booked. Tickets to events and car rentals if driving. Visa's need to be applied for, and so many other factors. Getting proficient at all of these things makes travel smooth and painless.

There is on thing that must be remembered, though is often overlooked until the last minute if remembered at all... vaccinations. When travelling abroad, many different nations deal with many different types of diseases that may not be common to your home town. Even some of the countries you may consider first world, might have issues that you wouldn't expect. 

This became something I needed to deal with last year when visiting South Korea. Interestingly enough, Seoul does still deal with some issues with Typhoid and Hep A. These both stem from street food sellers who don't always use proper sanitation methods. While I probably could have gotten away without vaccinations, it really is better to be on the safe side. Also if you plan to travel extensively, these vaccinations will eventually be needed elsewhere as well. 

Typhoid is an easy one to take, just a few pills. Hep A is a shot, the booster is needed about 6 months after the first one and then you are protected. These are important and should not be discounted. Depending on where you are going, you could deal with anything from Malaria to Yellow Fever. Make sure to check out the CDC Website before your next trip, it is likely worth the short trip to a doctor to make sure you are protected.