Buenos Aires, Let's Ride

Prepare yourselves, it’s time for yet another trip and this time I’ll be picking up continent #5 for me, country #8, and my first international business class and first class experiences. This is where all the points gathering starts to pay off. My trip includes a stop in Houston (IAH), a stop in Sao Paulo (GRU), and a final stop in Buenos Aires (EZE). Flights include business class on a 787-8, a 777-300ER.

During my layover in Sao Paulo, there will be tons of time to check out the new Star Alliance lounge. Enjoy some of the food, maybe even take a shower in the shower suites at the new lounge. Get some work done in Brazil before boarding onto a new airline I’ve never flown before.

After a quick trip to Buenos Aires and a taxi ride to the hotel, I’ll have a few days enjoying the city, and what promises to be an excellent hotel.  Hotel perks promise butler service, excellent restaurants, and great concierge service. Close by is a sister hotel for more food options, and more great views.

A city ready to be explored awaits. Tango bars, museums, and a vibrant city that has been referred to as the Paris of South America. I’ll put that description to the test and see how much like Paris it is as I walk the shops of the main road, one of the largest avenues of any city in the world. Off the strip of shopping and European style architecture will be a beautiful harbor, restaurants, bars, and much more. the public transit system is extensive and promises easy access to the city.

Early next week I will experience American international first class on my return to the United States. Wrapping up this trip will be an experience, and one I hope to be repeated later this year in even more splendor when I visit South Africa and Dubai.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy some regularly scheduled programming until I return with many trip reports on the great products I’ll be flying. More importantly though, it’s time to start reviewing the kind of Vegetarian/Vegan meals that are available in First and Business class internationally, this is going to always be huge focus of this website, since I don’t see many vegetarian/vegan reviews on the internet for premium class travel, so let’s see how the airlines handle a vegetarian and vegan in those classes of travel.