American Brings Back Snacks

Many years ago, many of us can probably remember having snacks provided to economy class passengers, even on domestic flights. These snacks were so insignificant, that they became the brunt of many jokes directed at airlines. Mostly the snacks provided were a tiny bag of pretzels, or a minuscule amount of nuts. At some point, presumably to save money on domestic flights, many airlines removed them from the cabin.

While the loss wasn't a big deal on those short flights, cross country flights that can reach 6 hours or more seem to really need something. Well American Airlines announced a few weeks ago that they would be joining United in offering snack again on domestic flights, Delta has offered them for a while now. American is going to be adding pretzels and cookies into the mix, going back to what we had years ago. The food offered is going to depend on the time the plane departs.


Here’s what American had to say:

In February, complimentary Main Cabin snacks will be available on American’s transcontinental flights, which include routes between:
- New York’s JFK and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
- JFK and San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
- Miami International Airport (MIA) and LAX
All other domestic flights will offer an assortment of complimentary snacks in the Main Cabin by April.
Customers traveling on flights departing prior to 9:45 a.m. will receive Biscoff® cookies. On flights departing after 9:45 a.m., customers will have a choice between Biscoff® cookies or pretzels, rotated on a seasonal basis. American’s Food for Sale items will also be available for purchase on all flights.
Starting in May, complimentary meal service will be available in the Main Cabin on all flights between Hawaii and Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

It’s a small gesture, but very welcome in a time of record profits for the airlines in the US. Customer experience can win back many customers, anger them and you may never see their business again. Small little gestures can go a long way to winning the loyalty of these passengers. I for one am glad to see some positive changes out of the airlines.