Delta's Premium Economy Coming in 2017

Delta has recently announced that coming in 2017, they too will begin to offer a Premium Economy product on their flights. This move seems to be one of the rare times that Delta follows where American Airlines leads, since American already announced the addition of a premium economy to start around the same time frame. American airlines is actually already flying their premium economy seats, but right now is selling them under economy class seats until they officially go on sale next year.

Delta will be calling this new product "Delta Premium." Premium economy for Delta will be similar to many other airlines, the seat will feature something more like a first class seat we in the US are used to seeing on a domestic flight. The seat will recline with a leg rest. It will also be wider, have more leg room and better recline.

Along with the seat comes an amenity kit, likely to be a slightly paired down version of what we see in business class. An In Flight Entertainment (IFE) system with a larger screen. Ground beverage service prior to departure. Meals will also be slightly upgraded from Economy meals and probably land somewhere along the lines of what we see in domestic first class as well. Lastly is the priority boarding on the plane.

Pricing will likely be somewhere between economy and business class, I my eyes favoring slightly on the lower side toward the economy class side of the spectrum. This will completely be up in the air until we see these seats actually go on sale.

Overall this is a good change to see from Delta and other American carriers. If I need to pay flat out, I'd rather pay a little extra money for more leg room than economy is offering. Of course the lie flat bed of business class will always be my preference, premium economy is a great alternative for a paid economy seat.