Qantas' New 787 Seating

Along with having just announced their new livery, Qantas also came out with the new seating designs for their Boeing 787 fleet. Both business class and economy seating looks to be a nice improvement. 

Business class seating looks to be a nice step up from what is offered on many of their aircraft. Current seating on many Qantas aircraft is a sub-par 2-2-2 configuration, meaning that even in business class, you have to deal with a seat mate. When competitors are offering aisle access to all seats, many in a reverse herringbone design, the 2-2-2 design feels antiquated and something I surely wouldn't want to pay business class prices for.

The new design is more private. I'd still prefer a reverse herringbone over what their new offering is, but this is a major improvement over their previous seating.

As for the economy seating.

The design is sleek and good looking. While economy seating often leaves alot to be desired, there are some nice features that I would appreciate seeing on other airlines. The addition of a place to put your tablet is a nice. This means that I'm not juggling a tablet, and my in-flight meal all on the same extremely small tray. Any improvement here is a good one.

Looking over the changes, they all seem for the better. I've been a big fan of Qantas since I flew with them to Australia and New Zealand. I'm glad they are improving their business class on one of my favorite aircraft in the skies.