Qantas Updates Their Livery

Qantas has just announced their new livery and I think that while it's not a huge update, I do like the changes. 

The kangaroo logo that has long been a staple of Qantas has not changed much in the history of the airline. New tail paint has a few added accent colors, mainly gray to give the logo and paint a little added depth. The logo has been modified slightly as well, removing the front arms of the kangaroo in favor of a more fluid, and slightly abstract looking shape.

I'm very happy with logo and overall paint updates. More airlines should take a page out of Qantas' book, where they have long had the same logo, but added minor updates over time to keep it current. Qantas excels at that, as you can see below in the historic livery picture.

Aside from the minor logo changes, Qantas has made a pretty large change to the font used for their name on the sides of the plane. It is certainly more modern, and I really like the font choice here.

At the end of the day, this is a great update even if it isn't a huge one. Qantas shows us that a livery update doesn't need to be massive to be effective.