Hyatt Restructuring Their Loyalty Program

In the world of loyalty programs, nothing seems to ever stand still. Proving that point, Hyatt has decided to completely restructure their Gold Passport program. Now called the World Of Hyatt program, the new layout comes with good and bad changes. 

Let's start with the World of Hyatt logo... Just no Hyatt, this logo looks like a 3 year old was handed a computer with a text editor and told they had 2 minutes to come up with a brand. 

The logo is just plain bad. Letters align to almost feel like it is supposed to spell something... But it doesn't. Large amounts of space have been added between the letters in the word OF. Looking at some of the advertising campaigns for the new program, Hyatt is using the space to place objects that are supposed to represent... well i don't really know. All I can say is this is a terrible logo.

Aside from aesthetics, the program is getting some major changes.

Most obvious is the addition of a 3rd tier of status. Under the Gold Passport program, Hyatt only had Platinum and Diamond status, now they have added a 3rd level. Of course all of the levels have also changed names, so we need to contend with that as well. The new levels will be called:

  • Discoverist
  • Explorist
  • Globalist

Yeah, they are once again really weird names. Wondering if these are status levels or just  Not sure I really get it, but that's what we have to work with now.

Discoverist tier is most like the old Platinum status, but things are a little easier to achieve under the new World of Hyatt program. Discoverist will be achieved after only 10 nights at Hyatt properties, where the old program required 15 nights.

Explorist is a new tier, it kicks in at 30 nights at Hyatt properties.

Globalist is closest to the old Diamond status. Globalist has a higher bar to entry at 60 nights, vs the old 50 night requirement. What we need to keep in mind here is that the old program used to allow for you to make 25 stays to gain diamond status. This was by far the most cost effective way to gain top tier status. Stay requirements are going away in the new program though, which means only nights slept on property will count anymore, not number of stays. This is a huge blow to the program and people like us who try to get the most for as little money as possible.

Earning rates are changing too. Discoverist drops the old 15% bonus points down to only 10% now under the new program. Explorist lands at 20% bonus points, and Globalist like the old diamond status, still earns 30% bonus points.

There are a whole range of new features, free nights and major changes coming with this program. If you want to keep up with all the changes, head over to the new World Of Hyatt webpage.