Delta Skymiles and Private Jets

Delta has just announced the ability to use Skymiles to get on board one of their private jets. Let me warn you up front, do not do this!!!

Let me explain. Delta has been driving down the worth of their Skymiles, ultimately it appears they are shooting to make each Skymile worth only 1 cent. Now this is a slow, but definitely steady process. Yet again this week, Delta has devalued their program for the 9 millionth time... alright that may be a small exaggeration, but more on that later

As Skymiles customers, our goal should always be to get the most worth out of miles as we possibly can. 

Delta has now released the ability for those of us with millions of miles, to spend them on private jets. First things first, Skymiles are being devalued so fast and frequently, no one in the right mind should be sitting on multiple millions of Skymiles, just don't do that. If you do happen to have that many Skymiles, the private jet may sound tempting.

Keep in mind that Delta is driving toward 1 cent per mile, and that is exactly what is being offered here from Delta. Starting at 2.5 million Skymiles, you will be able to pick up a Delta $25,000 Jet Card that acts like a private jet prepaid card. Using their private jet service will deduct off this prepaid card as you use the service.

If you are flush with miles and don't care about maxing out your usage, then by all means go for the card if that is what you want. I don't recommend it, since your miles are worth far more if applied correctly. At the end of the day, each person may want to use their miles for different things, so it is entirely up to you. Personally I'd much rather fly all over the world in business class than get a few rides in a private jet.

This just seems to be the latest way for Delta to try to reduce your mileage count at a rate that is very favorable to them. Devaluations are flying free and wild now with Delta, once again making me take a hard look at going free agent on the loyalty front. For now, I'd stay away from this private jet perk and focus on spending the miles you have in a way that gets you to amazing locations, in comfortable seating, at fantastic prices.