Delta's New Phone App

If you are on Android, you may have noticed an update from Delta to their version 4.0 app. Delta's app is named "Fly Delta" and with their 4.0 update, there are many features to take a look at.

While the app store lists a whole range of features, many of them have been in the app previously. It is worth noting that in my opinion the Delta app is one of the best airlines apps on the market, with the update, the app has become even better.

After installing the app, it runs you through the new features, let's take a look at those features.

The user interface when flying has been simplified. For me, seeing that the TSA Precheck icon takes a more central role is great. Previously I felt the TSA Precheck icon wasn't prominent enough on the screen, a quick check of a boarding pass by an agent may have been difficult to find the precheck icon in the past. 

Quick swipes between connecting boarding passes. Not a huge update, but simpler is always welcome in an update.

Flight details update automatically to keep your data current. On the surface this seems great, but honestly most people don't need to have your flight details updated over and over. I'd rather see downloaded boarding passes so that you always have a boarding pass even if connection is lost, trust me this is needed, I've almost ran into problems with this in the past.

Background colors matched to your status. Not a big deal, but always nice to have some little distinguishing feature for your hard earned status.

Overall, this seems like a minor update, but the updates are appreciated. Not sure the updates justify a whole new version number, but it's nice to see Delta continuing to keep their app current.