Uber... My Hero

Up until this most recent trip, I had traveled almost exclusively to cities with a robust subway/metro system that I would be able to use. This always made getting around quite easy and totally under my control of where I go and when, but South Africa lacked this feature and left me the question on how to get around.

Uber easily stepped in to help me out with this. I've long had an Uber account, but when I lived in Philadelphia, there was rarely a need for it, we often walked to restaurants and whatever else we needed to get to. Philadelphia is a very walkable city and often is not in need of taxis or Uber rides. Once I flew to Cape Town though, this became a vital transportation method between the airport and my hotel.

After Cape Town, Uber became a workhorse in Dubai, something I was not expecting. My hotel, The Westin Al Habtoor City, in Dubai, was still finishing construction. Beyond that, the surrounding area was under construction. A new canal was being built and cut off where the old road used to run, the road I was planning on using to get to the hotel from the nearest metro station. There was no longer an easy way to get to the metro from my hotel.

Uber was ready to take on the burden here and get me where I was going. To and from the airport, back and forth between the Dubai Mall and the hotel. Uber got me to see the Burj Khalifa and to the Dubai Mall where I was then able to connect to the metro to other parts oft he city. Occasionally you get a bad driver, but for the most part the drivers were great and got me quickly to my destination and back. 

Uber is the way to go when it comes to foreign travel, when the metro isn't an option. It became my go to, even when I came home. Uber just yesterday was able to get me over to the repair shop so that I could finally get my car back and have full use of it again. Use it when in need, it's far easier than a taxi and I don't have to worry about being scammed by a driver since Uber handles all the transactions.