Virgin America Offering Even More Free Points

Virgin America is on a points offering spree it seems. September brought 2 seperate promotions that allowed everyone to sign up for email offers and recieve 500 Elevate miles after roughly 10 days. Some of my points just posted from the previous signup.

Well Virgin is back with another 500 miles if you sign up for more promotions, this time with their Virgin Produced newletter. The website doesn't go into much detail on what Virgin Produced is, after looking it up, it appears to be a media company of some sort. Regardless of what Virgin Produced is, you are able to sign up and recieve 500 free miles from Virgin America. If you have taken advantage of the previous offers, this will bring the total to 1500 free miles in the last 1-2 months, not a bad deal for signing up for some mildly annoying email offers that you can cancel later.

Sign up prior to Oct 26th, and you'll grab 500 miles within 10 days of the end of the promotion, much like the terms of the other two signups. I will never argue with free miles, so go grab them while they are hot!