The 2016 Flight Plan

It's barely 2016, and already my flight schedule is filling up quickly. For the first time, I have flights booked on 6 different airlines this year, likely to add a 7th in the next few weeks. So what are these airlines?


  • Delta
  • Air France


  • United
  • Turkish Airlines
  • American


  • Alaska Airlines

The last and probably most exiting for me is the one I'm trying to pin down right now for the end of the year - Emirates


A lot has happened in the last few weeks with regards to flights in 2016. My work trip to France has taken a bit of a course change that is going to fairly significantly impact how I qualify for Platinum Status this year on American Airlines. My company decided to book me on Delta in place of American Airlines who usually takes me to France. This was a bit of a frustration for me as I have status with American and One World airlines. Delta is like starting from scratch. I do not have status with Delta and cannot properly choose the seats with the leg room I want/need. 

This was not something I was happy about for many reasons. First, I lose elite qualifying miles on American Airlines, which are important for hitting my goal of 50,000 flight miles that allow me to renew my Platinum Status. Second is the fact that I live in Philadelphia, American flies from Philly, Delta flies from Newark... this is a huge problem with getting to and from the airport, requiring an additional 1.5 hours of driving on both ends of the flight. Third is the inability to chose seats that fit my not so up to par knee which has had surgery in the past and subsequently can become painful in a standard economy seat. Forth, flying Delta requires tight connections in France and Amsterdam. Really the only up side here is contributing miles to my mile bank.


I've spoken about this trip in the past, my first major award flight. United is flying me from PHL to IAH to GRU. Turkish Airlines picks up the final leg to EZE. All of that is business class on a 787-8 and a 777-300ER. A few days spent in Buenos Aires at an SPG hotel. On the way back, I pick up a flight on American in a 777-200 first class. Look for the review in the middle of February.


This was just booked a week or so ago when I was able to nail down a half priced room in Hawaii. Alaska Airlines is being flown because I have a $99 companion fare from my Alaska Airlines credit card. This is a $900 fare for $160 after taxes, an amazing deal if you ask me. This is a great chance to explore a state I have not yet added to my list of visited places. Cannot wait for this trip.

Cape Town/Dubai

This one is a long way off, but one I think is close to being nailed down for at least one direction. The leg leaving Cape Town, South Africa is very close to being booked. The plan right now is to leave Cape Town and jump to Johannesburg where I catch a flight to Dubai in business class on Emirates. In Dubai, I'll take advantage of Alaska Airlines stopover to stay in Dubai a few days before continuing to Dallas in First Class in the amazing A380-800 product... yep it has an in flight shower. This is the most exciting leg for me.

Getting to Cape Town is yet to be figured out, but I am excited to see what I can pull off there as well.


To all of my readers, Happy 2016, get out there an visit the world!