Beijing, I'm On My Way

Well sometimes a great airfare props up and you have to take advantage of it while you can. In the past week or some I’ve been toying with the idea of attempting to hit Executive Platinum status. Increasing to the top tier status comes with the added perk of systemwide upgrades. Systemwide upgrades allow you to book a flight in economy class and bump up to business class. So, you get a fairly inexpensive paid fare, and you get to sit in business class… not to mention you still get miles for the original fare you paid for. Really great way to grab miles on a long haul for a low price, without having to actually sit in economy.

Executive Platinum is a big leap though, and looking at my flight plan for the year, I was coming within 30,000 miles… but that is still quite a bit of flying. Planning ahead to attempt to hit 100,000 EQM, I need to take advantage of low fares when they become available. Take a long haul in economy in the anticipation that future flights will be able to make use of long haul systemwide upgrades.

Looking through some tips and prices online yesterday, one popped up that had been available, and was still up for purchase. Fly out of Chicago (ORD) to Beijing, China. Total cost of the flight - $538! Less than $200 to stage myself to ORD for PHL, and we’ve got a good trip set up for a low price. Flying ORD to PEK alone will rack up 13,000 miles. There were some options to fly through DFW, which would have netted more miles, but would have cost 2 extra days in layovers in Dallas. Still have to work within the constraints of my day job, so that was out of the question. So instead I take one day off, fly halfway around the world, get one day in Beijing, and fly back… on a 787 none the less.

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but planning and flying these is fun… Now I just have about 15,000 mile gap to close to Executive Platinum status… that is in the range of possibility for me, and now I’m really bullish on hitting it