Another Data Breach

Well in what seems to be a recurring theme these days and one that has caused me identity issues last year, another data breach has been brought up. This isn’t a new breach however, this is one that was announced by Starwood Hotels a few months back, but the list of impacted hotels has been updated.

The standard things were covered here, malware infected machines at a number of hotel sites in the Starwood network. Credit cards may have been stolen, watch your credit cards people. This almost seems mundane at this point since these breaches have become almost a weekly activity. Credit monitoring is being offered by Starwood if you are impacted, take advantage of that ability. Currently I am using a credit monitoring service to keep on top of changes as they happen.

Credit monitoring that I make use of was acquired through a data breach. It was a pain the ass to get set up, as it took them 2 weeks to verify my identity… good thing I had other monitoring in the interim, but this seems unacceptable when these are the people responsible for losing my identity in the first place.

No matter if it’s a hassle or not, I’ll be the first one to tell you from experience, the faster you know about these issues, the easier it is to get things corrected. Fortunately my monitoring of my credit report, Credit Karma wins again, caught the issue. Being on top of it so quick made it easy to get ahead of them.

If you have been staying at any Starwood properties, go take a look at the list of impacted sites to see if it is one that you may have stayed at last year. Personally I was not impacted as many of my stays last year were at Four Points properties and there was only 1 breached Four Points hotel. One Sheraton hotel was breached, and was a place I stayed last year, however, the issue was cleared up well before my stay.

One thing to take away is that these breaches will continue to happen. Use secure passwords, watch your credit cards, and track your identity.