All Of The Soaps

While I'm visiting France right now, I thought it might be a great idea to talk about my add little habits when traveling around the world. Making the most of a travel experience is important when it comes to memories, but I have also taken to taking home physical object with me as well, namely those little soaps that everyone has used at a hotel.

No I wouldn't take the towels or shower caps or any of those large items, but the soaps are something they seem to refill every day no matter what, and are meant to be used. I travel so much that those little soaps come in handy for side trips that don't end up at hotels, usually a trip to see my parents or friends somewhere around the US. For those trips, these soaps come in handy, so I always take them with me.

My collection has grown quite large as the one thing I never seem to use much of is the lotion. Lotion bottles have backed up and it's fairly likely those are going to stop coming home with me from now on, at least until some of them start to get used up.

So my question to everyone today is, do you take the soaps too? Is there something else you like to bring home with you from the hotel?