SPG Take Two Gets Improved

Just yesterday I had written about the SPG Take Two promotion where you get double base points for any stay as long as you had signed up for the promotion. Imagine my surprise when that afternoon the SPG Take Two promotion was updated to include additional perks. Now these seem to be more targets to the very frequent traveler, but if you fall in that category, or have lots of travel planned in the next few months, this may just be a huge bonus on top of what is already offered.

Standard bonuses on the promotion come from double points on the base earning of any stay at an SPG property. If the property participates in the additional bonus, an extra 250 points is added to your account for eachs stay. Do keep in mind that a minimum of 2 days is required for the promotion.

Starwood added 2 more perks to this promotion yesterday. If you are a road warrior and stay 15-24 nights during the promotion period, 2500 points will be awarded. If you stay more than that, 25 day or more, then you get an additional 7500 points. If you have already planned travel that will cover this, it’s a huge bonus… though it requires a lot of nights in a hotel in a short period of time. April 30th is the end date of the promo, so you must hit those night requirements before that time. While a great addition to the current Take Two earnings anyone could receive, it certainly isn’t worth going out of your way to meet the requirements, as the money expenditure to meet this would be far too high.

What about me, how close will I be getting to these bonuses? Seeing as I have quite a bit of travel planned in the next few months, I will certainly make a large dent in the required nights, but it’s unlikely that I’ll hit 15 nights in this period, let alone get to 25. Argentina will net me 4 nights, as will my Hawaii trip. France, however, will not gain me any time in SPG hotels. Southern France appears to be quite lacking in the Starwood properties. If I can get into the Marriott, that is one of the only hotels in the area I’m going, that has access to the commuter bus and has a loyalty program.

If you have lots of Starwood stays coming up and haven’t already signed up for the Take Two promotion, make sure to do so as the incentives just got much better.