4th Night in Any Hotel, Free

While it sounds too good to be true, it actually is... well with a small caveat, it's not every hotel. It should come as no surprise now that some of the best benefits as travelers come from our credit cards. After booking some recent trips, my girlfriend asked me, so we have insurance on our trip? My mind ran to the price right away, why pay $45 per trip or more to cover something that may happen sometimes in some circumstances. Then I remembered that my credit cards cover this... so once again the credit card comes to the rescue. Insurance is provided by the Citi Thankyou Premier card that I use for travel purchases, and the Chase Sapphire card does as well if you prefer that over the Citi card. These cards provide so very much value, if used right these are well worth the yearly fee.

That's where the Citi ThankYou Prestige card comes in today. This card is the older wiser brother of the Citi ThankYou Premier card, with a much steeper yearly fee. Yearly fees on these cards are $450. Before you run from that number, here me out on this card. I've long been avoiding this card for the sole reason of the very high yearly fee, this morning I finally gave in though.

Benefits on the Prestige card are fantastic. Up front you start with a $250 credit for any airline travel. Pay $350 for a flight, you'll get $250 credit back to your account, once a year. That alone offsets the yearly fee to $200. This card also has a $100 credit toward Global Entry, a fast track program for US Customs and comes with TSA Precheck. I am already a Global Entry member, so this isn't a benefit for me right now, but when you need to renew you Global Entry application every 5 years, it may be a good idea to remember this card.

Along with all of this comes a number of great benefits. ThankYou points are earned at the same rate as the ThankYou Premier card, with the exception of gasoline, keep your Premier card around for that. Also, lounge access to Admirals Clubs when travelling on American Airlines. Don't forget, Priority Club lounge access as well, this is great for me in Marseille, France where there are no One World lounges.

There is one stand out perk that is the big one, and the one that put this card over the top and into my wallet. 4th night free for any hotel booked through Citi's concierge service., as many times as you can use it. You will need to pay the upfront cost of the hotel, but once you do, a refund for the 4th night will be posted to your account. Now the caveat here is that not every hotel is covered. My hotel in Buenos Aires, not on the list, and neither is my hotel in Cape Town. Many hotels are, and I mean many hotels. My hotel in Dubai is covered, and is my hotel in Hawaii. Just between these two trips, the savings is looking at $600 on this card. Add that to the airfare credit and my value is already $850, and I haven't even started to account for trips that are not yet booked. With all of my trips this year, we're likely looking at a savings of more than $1200. When you start throwing out that kind of money, the upfront cost of the yearly fee is well worth it.

So, consider Citi ThankYou Prestige the next time you apply for a credit card, it may be well worth it even if you only make a few trips a year.