Where Are my Points?

When keeping an eye on your points total, it is very important to know what bonuses you have signed up for. There are many times when computer systems miss things, when flying with partner airlines they may not properly pass the information on and sometimes things just slip through the cracks. Keeping on top of your earnings makes sure that your points bank is kept full with points and miles that you are owed. Below are some examples of situations I have encountered.

Automatically upgraded to first class on US Airways caused one segment to be missing from my American Airlines miles account. This was a simple situation where from my perspective, there was something in the upgrade to first class that messed with the earnings. There is a very simple solution to these missing miles. If you don’t see miles posted after 15 days post flight, then you are able to submit a missing miles form at that time. Provide the needed information, which is sometimes a pain to find, but once it is done you should see the miles in a few days.

Another situation I ran into was a missing miles number due to the way may company booked a flight for me. On my last trip to France, for some reason, my company booked 3 segments as American Airlines flights or codeshares with British Airways, however, 1 segment was booked direct to British Airways. This meant that this segment was missing, my AAdvantage number, including my status as a OneWorld Sapphire member, which lead to some embarrassing moments trying to preboard. One return to the US, this also meant that my miles never posted. Once again, this was a simple submission of the ticket number, and data from my British Airways segment and the miles were added to my account within 1 day.

One of the big ones that I am currently dealing with is from the American AAdvantage shopping portal. The shopping portal is a place where you can buy through normal online retailers using links from AAdvantage shopping. Your normal shopping will earn you points. I have had many problems in the past with certain things missing, these tend to be harder to reconcile, though honestly I haven’t attempted to reconciles the minor missing points here. That is likely to change in the near future. The biggest issue here was with a recent bonus offering where based on how much you spent through the portal could earn bonus miles prior to black friday. Here we are over a 1.5 months later with no bonus posted in my account. Once again I have submitted a missing points request, but this is still outstanding at this time.

Last issue I am currently dealing with is with Starwood program missing some bonus miles from a promotion at the end of 2015. These points were not posted after my stay, it is now 2 weeks after the end of the promotion and is the time when these should be showing up. I have contacted SPG and their answer here was wait. If they are missing after the 2-4 week time frame after promotion ending, then I can complain… so this is a waiting game right now to see if they do or don’t show up.

As you can probably see above, there are many points that I keep track of. Knowing what your are owed and following up is very important since things get overlooked and missed more often than I ever expected. Keep on top of these is important.



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