The New Website

Welcome to the new website... or is it the old website retooled? Whatever the case, I want to bring you the new website and really what I see the overall focus to be of this website. 

Last year was a huge travel year for me, I packed in far more flight miles than ever before, with 2016 looking to be an even bigger year for me, I think that this website needed to show what the focus of things to come is. 

As I start to fly more in premium classes, I've noticed a lack of articles that focus on vegetarian/vegan meals in these long-haul premium class seats. Seeing as I wasn't seeing much from anyone else, I decided that I needed to start to cover. The continued coverage will likely be about flying on points, my strategy for flying business and first class seats, and what my travel experiences are. The one thing I plan to do differently is to add in the vegan/vegetarian point of view on meals in the premium classes.

Also, to put everyone's mind at ease who have long visited the website for my photography, that is not changing... well it's not going away, it is actually changing, for the better. I will be adding more photos for people to look at with good descriptions on where and when I took the photos. The photo store will likely remain very similar since this isn't a big focus of the website and really good photos for print purposes require a well edited properly sized shot, these will remain the best of the best photos... but do not hesitate to request a photo if you want to purchase them.

I hopoe everyone enjoys the new design, the continues travel focus, and the new photo section. Don't histate to comment and let me know what you think of the new site, and if you have any suggestions for changes I should make. 

Thank you everyone for continuing to follow my writing. Expect the writing to pick back up now that the website is changed over to the new format I have been mulling over in my mind for quite a while.