2015 Flight Stats

Traveling in today's world allows us to use technology to our major advantage. Apps like Worldmate and Tripit track our itinerary and alert us to changing flights, and have allowed me to beat passangers to a boarding aircraft before the gate is even announced in the terminal. Google Maps, local subway apps and other navigation aids lets us focus on getting to the destination rather than spending time reading maps and asking for directions every ten minutes.

All of these travel improvements come from technology and make life easier, but some apps are just plain fun, and really appeal to us stats nerds out. The app that I stumbled upon this week is a web app called JetLovers. This app tracks where you have been from Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare (Swarm) check ins. You can later go in and add the specific aircraft type, carrier, flight number and more. All of the data is combined to show flight miles traveled every year, where you visit the most, what planes you fly the most, what planes you've flown the furthest and so much more. It then combines all of this into your overall stats.

Since I've only been tracking my flights since 2010, the data starts there for me. I've flown 102,000 miles, 61 flights, and a grand total of 9.8 days in the air... crazy fun to see all of this. See some of my stats in the charts below.

If you are at all interested in your stats, go check it out at JetLovers.