Oshkosh 2016

As many of you are likely aware at this point, I’m a huge aviation enthusiast… heck I made it my job for many years. So when a coworker recently mentioned Oshkosh, it hit me… Now that I travel so much, why have I not gone to Oshkosh yet? Well this is a situation that must be corrected.

Oshkosh, for those not familiar with the aviation world, has long been one of the biggest fly-in/airshow events in the world. From July 25th - July 31st of next year, over 10,000 planes will descend on this small town in the middle of Wisconsin. The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is based in Oshkosh, WI and the last week in July every year, the organization hosts this huge airshow.

During the airshow, this little unassuming airport quickly jumps up to become the busiest airport in the world for one week. Airplanes fly in and out of the airport bringing new visitors to the show. Aerobatic planes perform maneuvers in the sky, and military aircraft come to show their prowess. It’s an amazing place that I have long wanted to come see.

With so many unique aircraft in one location, it’s a photographers dream come true as well. Heritage flights have always been a great thing to see and photograph. In a heritage flight, an old prop driven military aircraft flys wingtip to wingtip with a new modern military jet. Always an impressive sight to see two aircraft from two very different eras come together in the air for a spectacular display.

Many times, these large shows have military aircraft that spectators at a normal air show won’t have the chance to see. During my college days in Florida, the Sun and Fun air show/fly in boasted the first public appearance of the F-22 Raptor, and I just happened to be able to visit the air show during its demonstration; what an incredible aircraft.

So, I am seriously considering grabbing my bags and camera to hop a flight to Wisconsin. This is an event that has long intrigued me, it might just be time to jump on this opportunity and go see one of the largest air shows in the world.