British Airways Reveal

In a world filled with many airlines moving away from first class products, we received a bit of a reveal from British Airways this week. British Airways let the public in on the plans for a first class cabin on the new 787-9’s coming soon to their fleet.

As stated before, the current mindset of many airlines is that first class is a dying thing. Many airlines, including my beloved American Airlines are starting to move to a two class configuration on their aircraft. American plans to only have a 3 class configuration on their flagship 777-300ER aircraft that fly to select locations. So unless you fly one of these planes, you’re limited to business class if you’re planning to fly in premium cabins. This isn’t really a bad thing, business class is still a fantastic product, but the premium feel of being in first class can be a draw in and of itself. Of course I can say that not actually planning to pay for one of these seats. Partly that is the problem, these seats are expensive… super expensive. Even companies find first class to be too expensive. So, first class is a dying idea… for the most part.

British Airways has promised us this week, that their new 787-9 airplanes will feature a first class product. I’m pretty excited by this news. Once they release these new planes, I may just have to burn some miles to fly on the second variant of the 787 to come out. The -9 variant was one I did work on, not as extensively as the -8 variant, but it is still partly my baby and I want to be on board this beauty just as much as the -8 version.

One of their upcoming routes with the 787-9 first class product is running from Austin, Texas to London, England. Once this new product comes out, it may just mean I need to spend a few points for an excellent flight from Austin to London in the new first class product.


Here’s a quick video overview of the new first class on the British Airways 787-9 coming soon: