Goodbye Club Carlson Card

In the all important credit card points game, choosing the correct cards to sign up for is a big part of it. When we are new to something, we don’t always make the best choices though. For myself, that mistaken credit card choice was the Club Carlson card from US Bank, and here’s why this one has quickly made it to my cancellation list.

There was a legitimate reason for me choosing the Club Carlson card up front, despite it not being the suggested card to start earning points with. There was a convention happening at a Radisson Hotel in New Jersey that I was going to attend. For the convention, I had already booked a hotel room in the same hotel so that we could be present for the weekend. Using the card would give me lots of extra points while staying there, I’d have elite status from owning the card. Elite status meant I’d get a free gift on arrival, bonus points during the stay, bonus points if eating on property, and maybe even a room upgrade.

This seemed great, except I didn’t think beyond that reason. Carlson Rezidor hotels are not very widespread… like virtually non-existent as far as many places I’ve wanted to go. So, while I may have gotten nearly 100,000 points… places to use those points seem to be few and far between. Aside from that, the conference I had originally planned to go to, has been cancelled, moved to a different city and basically obsoleted the original reason that card was added to my wallet.

On top of those issues, there is the problems I have with that backing bank. The Club Carlson cards are backed by US Bank. Now I won’t say they are the single worse credit card payment system I’ve used (that honor goes to Fidelity Investments AMEX card I no longer use), but they are a close second. After payments are made, they don’t show up in scheduled payments so there is no way to know if the payment is going through or not. This problem caused me to make 3 payments in a row thinking there was an issue submitting payment.

Overall, the worth of the card doesn’t seem there for me. So once we come up on the year mark with this card, I will be cancelling it. You may find a better use for this card, if you stay more at Carlson Rezidor hotels, it may make sense for you, but there are far too many drawback to justify the expense of the yearly fee on this card, so I bid you farewell young plastic card.