Flying To Cape Town

Lately I've been contemplating the use of miles for a trip to Cape Town. Previously I had made a point that flying to Cape Town counted for half of my miles needed to maintain Platinum Status with American Airlines. Since that was the case, I thought about making that flight in economy class. Really though, 25,000 miles in the air in economy class is not my idea of the most fun i could have flying.

The other issue to consider here was that the reason I was avoiding it was that my planned flight to Buenos Aires was to take place on a 787 on American Airlines metal and I wanted to try their business class on the airplane I helped design. American still hasnt opened any award space on their new 787's and I'm really not sure it's going to happen anytime soon. If I fly Qatar Airways. the flight from Doha to Cape Town is on a 787 as well.

Additionally, the flight from Philadelphia to Doha is now being operated by an A350, the newest aircraft from Airbus. So I have the chance to fly to Cape Town, South African on 2 planes I've never flown before, the 2 newest planes in the commercial world. One of those planes is the aircraft I helped design and it'll all happen in business class.

For all of the above reasons, I'm really seriously considering flying to Cape Town on Qatar in business class. Really don't think you can go wrong with this. Combined with all of my planned flight next year, I should only be short of Platinum by 5,000 miles and that shouldn't be too difficult to make up. 

Does anyone have any other suggestions on better way to get to Cape Town? Or better routings for Buenos Aires?