Traveling in 2016 - What's in Store?

Continuing with my travel plans and what you can expect through next year. Keep in mind these are far from locked down at this point, but once I get a travel idea stuck in my head, well it'll probably happen one way or another.

Spring 2016

Right now I plan to fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina sometime in the Spring 2016. For quite a while, the idea of flying to South America has sounded appealing. Yet, what is the best place to travel to in South America? 

There is always the suggestion of Brazil.  For a long time I was considering going to Rio de Janeiro, or the other popular destination of Sao Paulo. There was one factor that turned me on to Argentina, and that had to do with this summer's announcement of the routes American Airlines was to fly the new Boeing 787 aircraft.

For some back story, I fly almost exclusively with American Airlines. Currently at Gold Elite status, this year promises to boost that status to Platinum Elite. The other part of the story is that I am an Aerospace Engineer. Straight out of college, my first job was working with the Boeing 787, at one point designing the wiring for both the flight deck and the engines on the new plane. Ever since that job I've wanted to fly on the airplane I helped build. The 787 has some other routes, but I was already considering the flight to South America, and the other flights are waiting until my girlfriend can join me.

So I jumped on  Buenos Aires, and it doesn't hurt that it is one beautiful place.

Summer/Fall 2016

For some time now, my mother and I have been in a competition to see who could visit every state in the US first. We have rules on what constitutes a visit, Hint: not the airport, only savages count such things. Kidding aside, while I've been winning that little competition (7 left to go), I started making travel goals for myself. The travel goal right now, get myself to every continent.

Right now, North America is well covered, Europe was taken care of last year, as was Australia. That puts me at 3 of 7 at the time of writing this. With travel plans set for Asia in October, and South America in the Spring, the next destination was to add continent #6 to the list.

Africa has one destination that has captured me since the day I heard of it... Cape Town! There is no explanation for this obsession to travel here, but it has long been a desire to visit. So when considering travel plans to get the 6th Continent, Cape Town was a natural choice. So next year's 2nd big trip is going to be Cape Town, South Africa. 

The 7th continent is the one that will prove to be more difficult to achieve, but I'll handle that one when it comes time.

For the rest of 2016 there are many other small trips planned that will cover the rest of the 50,000 air miles I will need to maintain my Platinum Status. A quick list should cover these adequately:

  • France
  • Alaska
  • Las Vegas

Until next time....