Hello Again - My Thoughts On Travel

Hello again world, it has been far too long since I've written here and it's time that I change that. Since I've taken up travel pretty extensively, I'm going to focus a lot on travel here since that's where most of my photography has come from in the past few years.

Here is the plan for the future, I will start focus on my travels and writing more about that time I spend travelling, prepping for travel, how I go about things and anything in between. Trip reports should become a thing as well, reviewing hotels, loyalty programs, flights and more. As always, give me feedback if you want to see something here I haven't done, or want something changed.

Let's catch up on the last year, since I've been lazy on keeping everyone up to date on where I have been going. 

Since my last post I've been travelling quite a bit for a number of reasons. Starting with Boston, which was a quick trip on an Amtrak train. Starting from Trenton, NJ I boarded an Amtrak NE Regional train to Boston. After arriving, I quickly jumped on transit in Boston and made my way to Cambridge. In my other life, my work life, I work with fusion reactors, essentially recreating the sun on Earth. In Cambridge is a reactor we needed to look at for some information on the design of the bigger badder reactor we are building in France. This was a quick trip for only a couple of days to see the facility before turning around and catching the train back to Trenton.

Next up was my trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I flew to Las Vegas and immediately left for the Grand Canyon. Grand is an understatement for that wonder. It's so big, so hard to process, it almost is like a oil painting in 3D. It's just hard to describe what that place is really like. We then hoofed it back to Vegas, stopping at the Hoover Damn (impressive), and then spending my last night in Vegas. What a cool city, loved it, will go back soon and would highly recommend seeing Penn and Teller.

After that was the big trip to Sydney Australia. This was so much fun. The plane flight was by far the worst I've had to date... though that is to be expected on what was at the time the longest flights in the world. Sydney is amazing, I don't have enough good words for what Sydney was for me, amazing. Go, if ever get the chance, go! After a few days in Sydney, I went to Auckland, New Zealand... Now this was a bit of a different story. The city was alright, cool views, nice weather, just wasn't my favorite city. I will eventually go back to New Zealand and explore the country, but the city I found to be a bit lackluster. Following that was the worst travel "day" in history. 3 hours to Sydney, 8 hour layover, 16 hours to Dallas, 2 hour layover, 1 hour delay, 4 hours to Philadelphia... sleep for 4 hours (Yes, I cannot sleep on planes), board a flight for France, fly to Paris, train to Aix En Provence... sleep for roughly ever.

So as you just got a hint, France was next up. This was another business trip to go review the reactor being built there. Not going to go into huge detail there, but Aix En Provence was beautiful, but because of work, only really saw it in the dark. Will be back this year sometime. On my way home I did take a day in Paris. What a fun city! It was a bit whirlwind because who can really do Paris in a single day, but I did get to walk the Seine river, see the Louvre (partially), and stand under the Eiffel tower... not half bad for one day.

Since then I've had a few quick trips to Chicago, Greenville South Carolina, and Washington DC. Trying to at least keep this from becoming a novel now.

Starting this week, I'll give you a detailed run down of my upcoming trips. My long term plans, and how I plan to fly around the world... literally. Keep an eye on this blog, there is so much more to come.