Carlson Rezidor Fails Me Again

There seems to be a recurring theme with Carlson Rezidor hotels since the day I went for their credit card. The Club Carlson card is one I have spoken about int he past, it is one of my least favorite cards because of US Bank having a very poor webpage to handle your charges and payments. Just joining the credit card game, I chose this card because we had a stay booked with them quite soon after getting the card and it promised status and bonus points.

Quickly I fell out of love with US Bank. Soon after this as I prepared for a weekend in New Jersey for a convention, I learned quite by accident that our booked room was cancelled, no notice, no email, no call, nothing. The conference was having to move and cancelled all the rooms that had been set aside, and they never informed us of the cancelled room.

Up until about a week ago, I was sitting on 98,000 points from Club Carlson, with little hope of using them anytime soon. Then my girlfriend made way for Atlanta for some job things she needed to do. 30,000 points later, she had a free couple of days in Atlanta. The problems continued with unfriendly staff at the front desk and then we noticed she had multiple charges on her card. They had charged her for days that I had already paid for with points.

When I called them, they first couldn't find the reservation, then on  a second call, they located it and told me they had messed up... but couldn't fix it for 4 days when the manager came back. Luckily they called back sooner than that and had fixed it. This was after talking to rude employees, very unwilling to help. Now I realize these are two separate hotels that may not be the norm. However, as I travel more and more, it seems difficult to judge the norm with them since they are hard to find.

Want to go to Beunos Aires, nope none there... how about South Korea? Nope no hotels there either. More and more destinations I check seem to lack their hotels and if they aren't where I'm going, then they are of little use to me or many other people for that matter.

As I sit here, the charge for one of those nights that they mistakenly charged has yet to be reversed, hopefully a few more days will see a change, otherwise back to the phone I need to go.

So the ultimate question here is... are Carlson Rezidor hotels even worth the effort to get points with? For me, SPG covers 95% of my travel needs, everything else is mostly handled by IHG. While IHG has fallen out of favor lately with me, they do have hotels almost everywhere you can imagine, so they are very useful when  I can't find an SPG hotel. At the end of the day though, I think I'm essentially done with Carlson Rezidor, I can spend my energy on much better brands int he future.