Hello From Heathrow

I'm now sitting in the British Airways Galleries lounge in London Heathrow airport. While I was waiting for my connecting flight to France I thought this would be a good chance to cover a range of things relating to this trip.

Starting off, I have to say that the American Airlines Admirals Club in Terminal A West at Philadelphia, is a pretty nice lounge. While at the time it was my first lounge experience, it is a nice get away from the bustle of the standard airport boarding area. It also comes with free snacks, and drinks... even a free premium alcoholic beverage if that is something you enjoy. I think I was lucky to see it at night first. I am a night person and find the night lighting and a look out onto a dark airport ramp to be a great part of my trip. I'll outline this in more detail after I return from my trip. I'll also cover the British Airways lounge which I am currently writing from.

Next, the food on the flight from Philadelphia to London on American Airlines. While I found the food on my trip to Seoul to be low grade, this flight set a whole new low bar for meals. Now I understand that it's an economy meal, I don't expect to be blown out of the water, but I do expect my vegan meal to be actually vegan... I'll blast them a bit more later.

Lastly, I am indeed on my way to France right now. Yes this was the day after the attack in Paris and luckily I'm not flying to or through Paris... though some of my coworkers are, without issue at the moment... we shall see if my choice to transit London with a longer layover was better in the long run since they were transiting Paris in just over an hour. With the new security measures going into place, we'll see if that pans out well for them... seems their flight is currently on a multiple hour delay as we speak.

Well, back to my trip, I'll fill you in with more detail in the coming days. See you from France next!