My Travel Apps

As I prepare to make my next trip to France, I am thinking about apps. With smartphones comes many app choices, each of them filling a need to provide something useful to the modern traveler. Before we get into my apps, let me say that my carrier is T-mobile. Now that they allow me to use data in other countries for free, make free text messages and for a small fee get high speed data internationally, they are the clear choice. Their coverage hasn't been the best in the past, but for me they have worked perfectly.

Now for apps...


Google Maps is my choice here for simple reasons, their search is unbeatable. The latest app update lets you download cities so you don't use data on a trip and it comes with so many features. Do keep in mind that some countries don't allow outside mapping companies so you will need to find a local app. This was the case for Seoul. Google maps covered me for 90% of things, but it was inaccurate in places and I needed a separate app for the subway. So just keep this in mind if you travel to South Korea or someplace with similar laws.

Travel Planning

I now use Worldmate, previously I was using Tripit, but have recently moved away from Tripit since Worldmate gives similar pro level benefits far a much more reasonable price. Worldmate is the one stop place to stare every piece of information you may need for a trip. Keep all of your plans including confirmation numbers, phone numbers, price paid for a hotel or airfare, all the way down to what your seat is on the plane. I use these as a general guide. Making plans, I enter my exact itinerary into the app including all the planned activities. Once at the location, the app is used as a guide for me. I don't follow it word for work activity wise, but just let it remind me of the things I wanted to see. 99% of the time I change the plans once there, but always use a few of the things I came up with before hand.

There are many other apps too, I'll list them all below but won't go into detail on them.

  • American Airlines (or other airline app)
  • OpenTable
  • Uber
  • Award Wallet
  • SPG (or other hotel app)
  • Amtrak
  • LoungeBuddy
  • SeatGuru
  • Flight Aware

Hope you find some new apps in the list that might be helpful for your next trip.