In Flight Souvenirs

When you start to get into the travel game, there are many things you begin to discover that you never knew about. Premium travel has many additional perks that aren't offered to the passengers in economy. Lie flat seats, lots of leg room, bigger entertainment screens, use of Bose headphones, multi course meals, and even in flight souvenirs.

Maybe souvenirs isn't the correct term for amenity kits, but I like to think of them that way. When flying international premium classes, the airline will provide in flight amenity kits so that you can freshen up while in the air. Most the kits include things like combs, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotions, eye masks, socks, and more. Every airline does amenity kits a little differently, but often the case the kit come in is the best thing about the kit. From leather, to beautifully designed cloth bags, these kits can easily be reused at home for storage, or even as a little collectible of your flight to some far off destination.

As an example I'll cover my booked premium flight to and from Buenos Aires. I fly from Philadelphia to Houston, this is a domestic first class ticket, so nothing special here, not even a special meal request. Then I board a 787-8 to Sao Paulo, Brazil. This flight is business class and includes a business amenity kit from United. Then my last leg to Argentina is on a Turkish Airlines 777-300ER, where I'll get another business class amenity kit. The two amenity kits on in this direction are both beautiful "leather" and I do mean that in quotes as it is not actual leather but an imitation. Still a nice little carrying case.

The return trip is one international segment with an American Airlines first class amenity kit. American Airlines does more of a cloth pouch approach, but they are currently running a series of heritage kits that have the livery/emblems of all the air carriers that have merged or been bought by American over the years. It kind of a surprise which one you'll get or if you'll just get a standard, fingers crossed for a really cool one.

The amenity kits aren't the only thing you'll get on your flight if you fly first class. Often first class international flights come with a set of slippers for walking around the plane and a set of branded pajamas. So you not only get the amenity kit, but also some clothes as well, and while it may seem gimmicky, I think it'll be fun to have a whole bunch of airline pajamas from trips around the world... sometimes it's the little things.

While in and of itself, these little "gifts" aren't a good reason to travel premium, they are a very nice addition for trips that you actually paid very little to take. A little memnto of your travels around the world.