Verizon Should Be Ashamed

As I deal with identity theft, one company has stood above the rest for how terrible they have been with dealing with this issue. Verizon takes this honor for me. Warning, the story ahead may be cringe inducing.

I have dealt with 5 known opened accounts with this identity issue. Three credit cards have been opened, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Four wireless lines were opened on one account with AT&T. The thing that can be said about all of these companies, was that it has been very easy to get these accounts closed once I alerted them to these issues. No more than maybe 20 minutes per call and they had them closed down and filed under fraud.

Verizon stands alone as a beacon of how not to do customer service. Starting Friday I tried to contact Verizon, now the first issue here is that I saw an inquiry, not an actual account, so I don't know what was opened in my name. Verizon already has an issue in that they have FIOS and Wireless, and these departments don't talk to each other. SO I have two different avenues and each was equally horrid.

I started with the FIOS/Home service. After trying to contact the fraud department I was dropped... 3 times by their phone system. This system gives you options, they all lead to dropping your phone call... every time. When I get a nice person on the phone, they will stay on the line with you until you get through. Sometimes this works, sometimes it still drops you. Another issue, their system won't even give you a thought until you have an account number.. I didn't open the account, so I don't know it. 

I was directed to the financial department who was able to give me an account number, it was an old account I used to have with Verizon... even thought I asked for the account number of the active account they gave me this one. Using this caused problems because it was a wireless account so I started trying on the wireless side of the company. 

The same issues here, the phone system kept dropping me. Bad employees would just launch you into that system, or tell you they couldn't do anything. Over and over we did this until I was able to get a hold of a department that said there were no active accounts open. So they sent me back to the fraud department to see why there was a credit pull on my account. The called as dropped... again. So I took a break and called Saturday, the nice lady stayed on the phone until on her 3rd attempt we got a message that the department wasn't open on the weekend... then I was dropped.

This was a simplified version of the 20+ people I talked to, 13+ dropped calls with the company, a few times bounced between different fraud departments, and only one answer... no new wireless accounts. This doesn't answer if there was a home service account of some sort, or where the credit inquiry came from. I still haven't closed any account that may be open... or even know anything about this. No one has any answers for me and after spending over 2 hours of my life on one company, I've vowed to never do business with Verzion because of this.

Verizon, you are responsible for issuing this account to a fraudulant person and you need to correct this. If someday I am ever able to get someone on the phone who knows anything, then that is the last time I will ever do any business with you short of closing any more fraudulent accounts with you. Verizon, you should be ashamed of yoursewlves.