The Advantage of Citi AAdvantage

Many different credit cards come with some many different perks, it can be especially difficult to keep track of them all. The Chase Sapphire card has primary car insurance so it should be used for all of your car rentals. Certain cards have waived foreign transaction fees. It can all be a bit overwhelmed to remember when you are booking your next trip. 

These perks can be very important to keep track of an make sure those cards are in place the next time you choose a ticket, rent a car, or book a hotel. One big instance of this is with the Citi AAdvantage Platinum card. This card has some pretty run of the mill perks, but there is one that stood out recently for me. If you own this card, you get 10% of your spend miles back per year up to 10,000 miles. So for my recent first class trip, I spent 62,500 miles for the one way trip. This isn't the true cost though, since I received 6,250 miles back from this credit card purchase. 

So while I had originally factored a retunr of 11.5 cents per mile on this purchase, the reality is that the actual amount is much better when yoy take into account the returned miles. In this case the return I received was more like 12.7 cents per mile. Not only do you get a better return on the miles, but you now also have those miles back to make use of on your next award flight. 

Keeping on top of these credit card perks can really pay off.