Farewell US Airways

A bright and sunny day in San Diego started with dew dripping from my rental card. I had awoken early to get to the San Diego airport in downtown. After checking out of Four Points hotel, quickly driving to the airport, and through precheck, the plane was boarded. Not long after, we were airborne for Philadelphia. The flight was about 5 hours long, and it wasn't until we were starting our decent that when I looked at my US Airways app and realized... this was the end... I was finishing my last flight with US Airways.

Normally I'm not terribly sentimental, but US Airways has been my preferred airline for the last 4 years. I started flying US Airways when  I was living in Little Rock, Arkansas and US Airways flew me to Washington D.C. That was my first experiment with air miles and the start of my travel bug. This was the first time I used a subway system, and fell in love with cities.

After moving to Philadelphia, I stuck with US Airways since PHL is one of the main hubs for US Airways. The airline took me to the Caribbean, to LA for my connection to Australia. They flew me on my first international trip, when I visited London for the first time. They even took me on my first international work trip to France last year. 

US Airways was not a perfect airline to fly with, but after having many problems with lost and stolen baggage on Delta Airlines, US Airways was a nice breath of fresh air. US Airways always treated me well, got me to where I wanted to be and did so at a reasonable price. Never really had any problems with the airlines, and in my book, that's a win.

San Diego was a long flight in the way of domestic flights, and a fitting way to go out with my preferred airline. So far, American Airlines seems to be a great company to pick up the baton with me and continue to carry me in the near future. My flight this week to Seoul will be my first fully American experience internationally. American has been great so far and I look forward to seeing what they can do on a long haul.

Unfortunately the day after I land on my return from Seoul, US Airways will at that point be fully integrated in American Airlines. The US Airways booking site will go away, and no flights will be operated by US Airways any longer. The end of an era of flight has come for me, but a new one starts with a great airline... looking forward to seeing where we go from here.

So, as the plane made its final approach into Philadelphia, I looked at my phone and saw that US Airways app. It made me think of the past with them, how this was the last flight I would take with them and how much I really did enjoy that airline. As I stared at that app, I said a little goodbye to myself, help down the app, dragged it to the corner of my phone and dropped it on the uninstall...


...farewell US Airways.