Setting Some Travel Goals

Personally, setting goals is a fun part about traveling. Goals give me something to strive for an push me to try to achieve something. This is part of the reason I enjoy pushing for elite status with different companies. While I'm well aware that I will likely not be able to achieve many status levels with many different companies, I do enjoy picking a few and striving to hit those goals every year.

My status goals right now are to keep my Platinum status with American Airlines, meaning I need to hit 50,000 paid and traveled flight miles every year, this doesn't include award travel. As for hotel status, I really have fallen in love with Starwood Hotels, and their award program is amazing. Keeping my gold status normally takes 25 nights or 10 stays. With their branded credit card, that drops to 20 nights or 8 stays. These are my big yearly goals now.

More importantly is hitting my goals for locations visited. Before starting to travel internationally, my mother and I started a competition to see who could hit all 50 US states first. This is still a competition we are locked in, but I am leading the charge with only 7 states remaining, by the end of next year I think that'll be knocked down a few more states. The remaining states are North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Vermont, Hawaii, and Alaska. Alaska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota are planned for this year, though that is always subject to change.

When I began traveling internationally, I decided to set some goals here as well. There is always the get as many countries as possible goal, but that is a little esoteric for me. I need something more set in stone. So the one I am working on currently is getting all 7 continents. Currently I have 4 continents visited: North America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. With the planned trips I am making next year, I will hit Africa and South America. That leaves the ever elusive Antarctica, which is going to have to wait. Antarctica is an expensive trip, but I will cross that one off the list in the coming years.

What travel goals does everyone else set for themselves? Maybe I should make it a new goal to try to hit every country in Europe? There are certainly more to strive for as I continue my travel future.