A Dreamliner Come True

This has been a topic before, but I have gone through quite a bit of effort to attempt to plan my next few trips to happen on a Boeing 787-8. Since was a lead designer on part of the wiring for this plane, I've been itching to get on board this aircraft type. 

Right now I am putting together a trip to France for my day job, I will be flying through London and have the opportunity to overnight in London on my return flight. Fortunately for me, one of the outbound flight options is to fly with British Airways on an American Airlines code share. The flight from PHL to LHR is flown out of Philadelphia around 10:30pm every night on board a British Airways 787-8. Work may have just granted my wish a bit earlier than I had expected.

While I will still be pushing for another flight next year to take place in business class on board a 787-8, flying economy to London will be a treat. I did have the chance to look this flight up and unfortunately the very desirable seats are already taken, but there are still some available with extra leg room. Also, this is a fairly short flight for a trans-Atlantic, clocking in at only 6hrs 30min to London. Flying the reverse direction will be slightly longer, but I'll be covering that direction on an American A330-300, something I have flown plenty of times with US Airways.

This is a dream aircraft for me, it represented 4 years of life designing this aircraft, and I'm excited to have this chance. Granted this is not set in stone yet, plans could change, but I am pushing for this flight and will hopefully have it locked in within the next few days.