My Thoughts on Seoul

Now that I'm back from Seoul, adjusting back to East Coast time zone and back to the daily, what did I think of my trip to Seoul?

My first experience in traveling to a country that speaks a foreign language was last year when I made a trip to France. At that point I had been to a few other countries, but they all spoke English. Going to France I learned a few things. First, high school French gave me a surprising base of knowledge to read French. Second, I can't understand a bit of it when it's spoken. Lastly, I wasn't the biggest fan of France. I'm not even sure I can explain why I felt so uncomfortable in France, but I did.

Going into the trip to South Korea, I feared that I may experience a similar viewpoint on Korea because of the language barrier. Boy was I wrong about that. The moment I stepped through customs and into the airport, I was happy to be in South Korea. The vibe everyone gives off is that they are all pleasant. From that moment forward, I loved Korea.

The city was incredible, so much to see and do, I'm not sure I even scratched the surface of this immense city. The things I was able to see were fantastic and I only wish I could have seen more. All the more reason to return as soon as I have the chance.

Getting around the city is incredibly easy to do, the metro system is extensive and from where I stayed, all of the major attractions were only a few subway stops away. Temples, museums, galleries, and more. This city was a journey that Ive been wanting to make for many year, now that I've made it, I just want to make my way back there.

Really I don't think more can be said about a city other than the fact that I cannot wait to return, that speaks volumes for a place. So while the language barrier was a mild inconvenience, Seoul made up for it with friendly people, easy signage in English and a beautiful city to explore. I have a feeling that Seoul will soon become a city I return to often.