Goodbye US Airways

Today is the day, that all important day for those of us who have traveled exclusively with US Airways over the past years. American Airlines is merging all of the US Airways reservation system into American Airlines system. 

After today US Airways will be fully integrated into American Airlines. We will still be seeing US Airways aircraft painting in the old US Airways colors for a while until American Airlines can get all of the planes repainted, but that is the last pieces of the legacy air carrier. What will happen to the US Airways website is still a good question that I have not heard the answer to as of yet, but any reservations and ticketing will be through American Airlines from here forward.

Since this is a massive effort to merge these two systems today, please keep in mind that there may be some computer issues, flight scheduling issues or cancellations today. American Airlines has done an amazing job thus far, but not everything always goes to plan. 

Best of luck to everyone working to make this happen today at American Airlines, here's to hoping it is a smooth transition. For me, I must say a fond farewell to the air carrier who has flown me around the globe for the last few years, you will be missed US Airways, no one to American Airlines a fairly worthy successor for my loyalty.