Final Day in Seoul

Today was my last day in Seoul. I woke up and had breakfast before heading to Seoul Station. From Seoul Station I made way to the I'Park Mall. The mall is the home of many stores, restaurants and an e-sports stadium. Before coming to Seoul I had planned to go to the stadium, however, it has been exceedingly difficult to find a schedule on when games were being played.

I could not get any definite on if there was any games playing today or not, but what I could find said that there was nothing going on today. Either way I went about experiencing a shopping center in Seoul. The day started out a bit uncomfortably, the way people help in certain department stores is to stand in front of the merchandise and wait for you. Being early in the morning, I was the only one there at this time, and this meant I was waling through a department store with roughly 30 people looking at me waiting to help... it was a little odd feeling for how we do things in the US. Outside of that store though it was fairly normal. The shopping center does try to force you through stores more here, less of a main corridor like the US malls have and more of a pass through one store to get to another. Makes for a bit of a maze, still not sure I figured out the layout of that place.

At the mall I found a cute hat for my niece. Then I returned to my hotel to drop off my purchase. At this point I decided to go to a beautiful science museum I had missed earlier in the week. Then it hit me, it's Monday and many things are closed here on Monday... this also included the museum I wanted to see. So I threw away that idea and returned to the Insa-dong streets. This time I was able to really look through some stores and find some fun items for people back home. I can't suggest enough that you stop at the Insa-dong streets if you visit Seoul. All in all this was a shopping day, and I still plan to make my way back up to see some of the city at night.

Being my last full day here, what are my thoughts on Seoul now that I have been here for a while. I'm still in love with this city. Once I was able to get a feel for how to get around easily, where things were located, this city became one of my favorites. It was a bit of a surprise to me, since France was the only other place I have been that was not English speaking and I didn't like it that much. Seoul has become a fast favorite of mine and I really look forward to bringing people back with me to explore the city more. This has been an incredible introduction to Asia and a place I have fallen in love with. If you ever get the chance, come here. It seems to be low on many peoples list of places to visit, though always high on mine. Do not overlook Seoul, this is a must see from my point of view.