The Last Few Weeks


The New Website


  First off, welcome to the newly revamped website. I switched hosting platforms back to Squarespace. Whenever anyone comes to me for advice on where to make a website, Squarespace is always my go to answer… and no this is not a paid endorsement.


     Last year I chose to do my own website, out of some interest in learning how to program HTML5 and CSS3. If any of you have been to my website in the past, you may have seen the fruits of that labor. Blogs become a difficult thing to manage however and I am not a huge fan of the WordPress engine that I was forced to use, as a result it laid dormant and I eventually removed it.


     Now that I am back on Squarespace, hopefully this will allow everything to run a little bit smoother and keep everyone up to date. It will also allow the gallery pages to stay up to date with new photos with far more ease than I had before.



     So on to the topic at hand. After life took me in a different direction for the beginning of this year, I had fallen away from photography to focus on other things. Now I am back at it, quickly reminded of why I love photography and how important it is to keep this in my life. With major changes in my life over the past few months, I knew I had to get back into photography, since it is such a big part of who I am.


     Starting a few weeks ago I made some last minute decisions to travel extensively for a few months. Having a new job, this limits me to weekend trips, but weekend trips can be just as exciting.


San Francisco

      My first choice for a trip was to fly to San Francisco for a weekend. Never having been to California, this was one of those places I've always wanted to visit. Let’s just say, the Golden Gate Bridge does not disappoint. Driving across the bridge in my newly acquired Zipcar and stopping at a number of overlooks around the bridge afforded me the opportunity to get some amazing photos up close and personal with this icon. The photo above, and also my opening photo on the website, was even pushed to the popular page on 500px, a very flattering experience. The city has so much to do, I couldn't pack enough into one day, but it was an great trip.


Washington D.C.


      This past weekend I was facing another boring weekend at home. Instead of letting that happen, on Thursday, I pulled out my phone and made reservations on a late Amtrak train for the next day. The train took me to Union Station in Washington D.C. where I stayed for the weekend. All day Saturday was a nice day out and gave me the chance to wander around some of the streets I hadn't yet been down on my previous trips to the nation’s capital. Mid-morning saw some clouds roll in and gave some great backdrop to some photos of the capitol building. The one above I edited to give a more ominous feel to because it just seemed to fit with the photo I was working with. It did also mirror what most people feel right now with the government shutdown, but it was never planned that way during editing.

     Once again welcome to the new Nate Allen Photography website. Stay tuned, I will be updating this regularly as I take new photos. Keep an eye out on the website in two weeks. My latest trip is planned for Columbus Day weekend, when I get an extra day off from work. Taking advantage of that time, I will be visiting New York City for the first time in my life and I have some pretty awesome photos planned for that weekend.

     Until next time…